The Temple of the God Makers

The God Makers is a film created by Ed Decker and Dave Hunt and that highlights the negative aspects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I can say without any shadow of doubt that the God Makers is Anti Mormon material.

Sometimes people associate anti-mormon material with lies but that’s not necessarily true.

I decided to watch the short film again to analyze its content and make an honest review about it.

The video is available on YouTube

Review of the Temple of the God Makers

These are some of the most relevant aspects of the God Makers Film

The Beginning

The beginning of the film shows a reenactment of some of the events of the endowment ceremony. a ceremony which is not share publicly.

If you are a faithful mormon who has participated in that ceremony, you will probably think that this is not for you.

The Fastest Growing Religion?

The film makes the claim that the Mormon was the fastest growing religion, something that mormons have said before but there is nothing to back up that claim.

There is a part in which the narrator says that the church expects to have 70 millions members. Something laughable because the church hasn’t passed the 2o million mark thirty years later.

Extraterrestrial Beings?

There is a part in which the narrators was visited by extraterrestrial beings.

You can call them extraterrestrial beings, I would call the beings product of his imagination but Joseph Smith claimed that those two beings were God and Jesus.

Mormon Polygamy

The mormon church was built upon Polygamy. Joseph Smith practiced polygamy and many church leaders did too.

I suggest that you should study the details of polygamy so you can have an educated opinion about this matter.

Ex-Mormon for Jesus?

The narrator says that Ed Decker, the creator of the book and the documentary is affiliated with Ex-Mormons for Jesus.

That fact helps understand why they decided to use the word extraterrestrial to refer to the personages who allegedly to appear to Joseph Smith.

As an atheist, I don’t like when people want to expose other people beliefs without exposing theirs but that’s a topic for another post.

Biblical Christianity?

The narrator indicates that they don’t like Mormons pretending to be the only true church.

And then they revealed the intention of saving people from Mormonism so they can live what they call Biblical christianity.

As atheist, I say, these are just people living in a glass house and throwing stones.

God was a Man

Mormons believe that God was once a man and that he obeyed the commandments and he became the god of this planet.

That also means that there are other gods out there populating planets.

It is not like Mormons talk about, that’s a conclusion people arrive based on quotes made by church leaders.

God allegedly has a wife or wives and live near to a planet called Kolob

Endless Celestial Sex

Something funny is the mentions of God having endless celestial sex with his wives.

It is crazy but crazier that God creating people and spirits out of the blue?

I don’t think so


Yes, Mormons believe that there was a meeting, there was a plan. Jesus had a plan, Satan also had a plan.

God chose Jesus plan and Satan got angry and started a revolution.

The people who remained neutral were cursed with Black Skin

That’s basically Mormons explaining how Satan Became Satan and why we are here.

Elohim and one of his Wives

There was a mormon prophet who taught a Adam was our God and that’s why the narrator says that Elohim came with one of his wives to replenish the earth.

Does that sound crazy? Crazier than creating a man out of the dust?

God Having Sex with the Virgin Mary

There are some quotes made by some church leaders that could be interpreted as God coming down to Earth to give the virgin Mary the best night of her life.

That sound crazy, but crazier that a woman getting pregnant without having sex?

Jesus Having three wives and a Bunch of Kids

I haven’t read any quote that could help anti mormons reach the conclusión that he married three times and that he had a bunch of kid before being crucified.

I should probably read more.

Jacob had four wives and more than 12 children so couldn’t Jesus do it too?

I haven’t read anything in mormon or anti mormon literature that says that Joseph Smith was his descendant.

It is hard to prove that Jesus existed so claiming to be his descendant is ten times harder.

Jesus made a Trip to America

The book of Mormon claims that Jesus came to America after his resurrection.

If you can believe without any evidence that a man came back from the dead, I am sure that believing that he visited other places around the world doesn’t sound too crazy.


Joseph Smith claimed that he had golden plates which contained the story of the old inhabitants of the America.

Mormons believe that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

They also believe in other latter-day scriptures such as the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price

Becoming Like God

Mormons who reach exaltation will become Gods and will have spirit children so they are very likely to create a planet and start a new season of Earth again.

Joseph Smith Did more than Jesus

The narrator lied when he said that Joseph Smith has done more than anybody for the salvation of the children including Jesus.

Mormons have crazy beliefs, I don’t understand why they lied about this one.

Masonic Rituals

I think that the endowment session was inspired in masonic ceremonies.

Some parts of the ceremony have been removed or changed over the years.

If you want to learn more about the mormon temple ceremony recorded by New Name Noah

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