All about the Ex-Mormons

Ex-Mormons are those members who have left the faith, ask their church records to be removed or simply stop attending church and join another faith.

I joined the church when I was 16 and left the mormon church when I was in my 30’s.

I stopped attending church when I knew that I didn’t believe in the main tenets of Mormonism and that I didn’t have faith in God.

With the passing of time, I felt comfortable calling myself an atheist.

These are some of the most common questions about ex-mormons

Why Do Mormons Leave the Church?

It is hard to tell why every single person who has ever left the church never came back to the fold.

There are variety of reasons:

  1. Some people never ever believe in mormonism so they find a way out as soon as they can.
  2. Some people don’t really like the lifestyle that mormons have to live.
  3. Other might be offended by someone at church.

The list of the simple and small things that make people leaving the church goes on but I think that the least favorite reason is knowing that people don’t really believe in it .

They can claim that you were not brave, hard-working enough and even faithful enough but they have a problem saying that people left because of some problematic church history.

Do Ex-Mormons Become Atheists?

After leaving mormonism, I went straight to the arms of atheism but that’s not everyone’s case.

I left Mormonism until I knew that the it wasn’t true and that I had nothing to lose.

I lost faith in everything that has to do with religion and I gladly did since I stopped thinking that faith is a virtue.

When I was a Mormon, I thought that the other churches were 100% false so When I found out that Mormonism wasn’t true was evidence for me that every person who has ever had faith in something within religion has been fooled like me though different tactics.

Are Ex-Mormons Bitter?

I think there is a stage when you want the whole mormon church to be reduced to nothing.

Times passes by and then you realize that Mormonism is not something that you should worry anymore.

It is been four years since I left church and never ever came back.

Am I Bitter?

I don’t think I am bitter but I think that we have to spread the word in simple and small ways that religions including mormonism are fooling people.

With that being said, I am an optimistic about life, I think that Mormonism was a good thing while it lasted.

I learned English thanks to my affiliation with the church and many good things came out of that.

Do Ex-Mormons Join Other Churches?

There are lots of people who have left mormonism and the LDS church doesn’t know where most of them are.

I am sure that many people who never liked Mormonism in the first place are parts of other faiths.

Some people who reasoned their way out of church continue believing in God and probably are active part of other religious communities.

I don’t know how people who were smart enough to leave mormonism can believe in other religions since I can’t

Ex-Mormons for Jesus

Some people who have left mormonism have been calling themselves ex-mormons for Jesus.

They even have a website and this is part of their mission:

 We are not supported by, or affiliated with any particular denomination, and extend the “hand of fellowship” to all members of the Body of Christ who wish to minister the love of Jesus Christ to the Mormon people.

ABOUT US – Ex – Mormons for Jesus

For me a belief in jesus is just as unreasonable as believing in the Book of Mormon.

I have heard their arguments but I think they are not convincing enough.

Do Ex-Mormons Want to Break Rules?

Sometimes leaders and members of the LDS church might want to paint Ex-Mormons as a bunch of people who just want to sin but that’s a phrase used by Mormons so they can’t feel good about themselves.

What Ex-Mormons do after leaving the church is their personal choice, some of them might start drinking coffee, smoking or drinking alcohol.

My only hope for Ex-Mormons is that they continue and start living happy and productive lives.

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