Can Mormons Marry Non-Mormons?

I wonder why you are reading, you probably are a non-mormon who is interested in a member of the LDS church.

The answer to that very interesting question is that Mormon can marry non-mormons.

A Mormon can marry whoever they want but it doesn’t mean that they will

Mormons have two approaches in this matter:

  • They fall in love with a non-mormon and they marry him or her hoping that her or his non-mormon spouse joins the church in the future.
  • Other would try to convert the person they want to marry before making any big commitment.
  • The third situation is that there are mormons who are not that active so they are OK with not going to church anymore if that eventually happens.

The non-mormons can do two things:

  • They can marry a mormon hoping this person eventually stop going to church and live happily without being committed to a religion.
  • The second situation is that non-mormon hope that they convert this person to his or her religion before they are converted into Mormonism.
  • The third situation is that non-mormon pretend to like Mormonism so they can marry this person they fall in love with.

Why should Mormons Marry Mormons?

The answer to this has to do with the beliefs Mormons have about the after life.

Mormon believe that you can live together with your loved ones for all eternity if they do what the lord commands.

One of the things that the Lord commands in Mormonism is that you get married with a worthy member of the church.

Mormons get married for eternity so they wouldn’t want to put their salvation in risk for a pretty face with feelings.

The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

The good about mormons marrying mormons is that they can save themselves problems that come with interfaith marriage.

The Bad about mormons marrying mormons is that they have to choose their partner among mormons who are not 100% compatible.

The ugly about mormons marrying mormons is that they might let the love of their lives go, a person who would have made them truly happy because their beliefs motivate them to do so.


It is a very complex topic so I hope that you think things through if you are in the middle of this situation.

You have one life, make the most of it

Surely you can get a divorce if thing don’t go as expected but who wouldn’t avoid that if that’s a possibility.

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