How Many Wives can Mormons Have?

Sometimes people wonder about how many wives a mormon can have because they have heard something about them online.

The answer is quite simple, Mormons are allowed to have only one wife.

The reasons because Mormons are asked this questions from time to time is because leaders of the Mormon Church practice polygamy in its beginnings.

The Old Testament and Polygamy

If you are a christian who reads the bible instead of cherry picking the awesome stories, you will find that there were some leaders in the Old Testament who practiced polygamy.

I know you guys have an excuse for everything but the facts according to the Bible are these:

  • Jacob married two sisters and her servants
  • Moses had two wives
  • David had lots of wives

I am sure there are other cases but those are enough to prove that Polygamy was a thing among the people of God.

Joseph Smith and Polygamy

Joseph Smith said that he saw God and Jesus in a grove near his home in 1820.

According to Mormons, that vision was the event that would lead to the restoration of the only one true church in 1830.

I say restoration because Mormons don’t believe that this is not a new church but a restoration of whatever Jesus established when he supposedly walked among men.

That restoration meant a lot of things that I will not cover here but one of these was Polygamy.

Joseph Smith was married to Emma Hales when he decided that it was about time to start practicing this law.

Her second wife was Fanny Alger, a young lady who was living with the Smiths.

Joseph was not the only one who practiced polygamy, he instructed other church leaders to do so.

Joseph Smith would marry more than 28 women before being killed by a Mob in a jail in Carthage.

The Church would continue practicing Polygamy until the Government forced them to stop.

Polygamous marriages stopped in 1890 however the ones who were already in a Polygamous marriage continue living like that until the day they died.

Other people left Mormonism continued with the practice however these are not true Mormons

That’s the reason why people wonder how many wives Mormons are allowed to have.

Give Mormons a break, the one that you know have one wife.

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