Do Mormons Read the Bible?

Mormonism has some beliefs and practices which are not accepted by mainstream cristianity.

The difference between Mormonism and mainstream Christianity has lead many to think about what Mormons believe and do.

Some people wonder if Mormons read the bible and the answer to that is:

Absolutely, the Mormons read the Bible and use it frequently in the classes and discussions.

They read the new Testament and the Old Testament as part of their Sunday school assignments and they spend personal time reading their favorite stories.

Mormons and the Bible

As long as I remember Mormons use the King James version of the Bible, a Bible that lots of believer in use.

Now you know that, I have to tell you something else.

Mormons, they have additional scriptures, they have the Book of Mormon which is another testament of Jesus Christ because it talks about how people in ancient America praised God.

They have also have some new revelations in a book called Doctrine and Covenants. The book is made up of revelations given to latter-day prophets by God.

They also have another book called the Pearl of Great Price which are like spin-offs of some Bible stories.

So faithful Mormons have more homework than other Christians.

Interpretations of the Bible

if you are wondering if the Mormon reach the same conclusion that you reach when you read the bible, you have high expectaction.

There are many churches under different names, all of them interpreting things as they please.

Christians don’t have an anonymous understanding of a passage so don’t expect Mormon to think the same way that you do and view God the same way that you see it.

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