Things Mormon Missionaries Can’t Do

I was a Mormon missionary in Guatemala from 2004 to 2006, I am sure things can change in the past few years.

For example, when I was a missionary, I could call home twice a year, on Mother’s Day and on Christmas but now missionaries can make a call home every Monday if they want to.

Besides those rules and changes that applied to missionaries Worldwide some missions have to follow the precepts of their missions presidents

For example:

My first mission Presidents never wanted us to wear a regular backpack so we have to wear “morrales” which are handmade bags.

The reasons for such rule were kind of unknown, it wasn’t written anywhere, I heard it was related to security but I never really get it

Things Mormon Missionaries can't do

Missionaries sent Home Early?

If you really care about being a Mormon, you really want to serve those 18 to 24 months.

When Mormons are sent home early, the community where they belong starts wondering if they broke missionary rules, got sick, or couldn’t handle being a Mormon missionaries.

This is what the church has to say about missionaries who return home early:

These returned missionaries may worry how other people view them or even how the Lord views them. They may feel like they have failed or are unworthy and may judge themselves negatively. They may also have feelings of loss and may even pass through various stages of grief.

Missionaries Who Return Home Early

If you read the whole article, you will get a good idea of how missionaries sent home early feel.

So the fear of being sent home early is probably the second or third best reason to keep all the rules

Things Mormon Missionaries Can’t Do

Remember that there are a bunch of things that Mormons can’t do, Mormons can’t drink coffee so obviously, Mormon Missionaries can’t

These are some of the things that Mormon Missionaries can’t do but the rest of the members of the Church Can’t

#1 Mormons aren’t allowed to Swim

Mormons aren’t allowed to swim and they are not allowed to go to beaches or pools during their free time.

I think that this has to do with security since that would increase the risk of a missionary drowning.

The risk increases since missionaries have to go with their companions wherever they go and there are missionaries who can’t swim.

#2 Mormon Missionaries and the Internet

Mormons are allowed to use the Internet to communicate with their families and nothing else.

I have seen that some of them using social network such as Facebook for proselyting.

#3 Mormon Missionaries have to be with their companions 24/7

One of the most important rules that Mormon missionaries have to obey is that they have to be with another missionary 24/7.

On my mission and where I live, Missionary couple split for a few hours, always with the company of other local mormons.

I am not sure if the practice was discontinued since the local members of the church sometimes were 16 years old who didn’t know what missionaries were and were not allowed to do.

I knew a case in which the missionary couple split and one of the missionaries did things like flirting with girls.

I am not making that up, most of missionaries follow the rules but some are sent home for disobedience to mission rules.

#4 Missionaries aren’t Allowed to Listen to Music or Watch TV

Mormon missionaries aren’t allowed to watch TV or listen to music or the radio.

They can listen to Church music if they have a device to do so, Televisions aren’t allowed in the houses of the missionaries.

#5 Mormons aren’t allowed to read non-approved books

Mormons aren’t allowed to read books that are outside of the scope of the Gospel.

They aren’t allowed to read the newspaper or church books which haven’t been approved.

Not even church stuff, that sounds crazy.

The point is helping them to focus on stuff that will boost their missionary efforts and forget about the rest.

#6 No Mustache, Beard or Goatee

Mormons aren’t allowed to grow beard or mustache.

That’s a common practice within Mormonism even when they have finish their missions.

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