Are Mormons Allowed to Dance?

People outside of mormonism are wondering for some particular reason if Mormons are allowed to dance.

We know Mormons aren’t allowed to do a certain amount of things such as drinking coffee, tea, alcohol and smoking.

Mormons have also been instructed not to get tattoos and their women have been advised to wear only one pair of earrings and to cover their shoulders in the way they dress.

Ok enough about other Mormon rules, let’s find out what Mormons have to say about dancing.

For the Strength of You

This quote comes from the “For the Strength of You”, a pamphlet with instructions for teenagers says

Dancing can be fun and can provide an opportunity to meet new people. However, it too can be misused. When dancing, avoid full body contact with your partner. Do not use positions or moves that are suggestive of sexual or violent behavior or are otherwise inappropriate.

Attend only those dances where dress, grooming, lighting, lyrics, music, and entertainment contribute to a wholesome atmosphere where the Spirit may be present.

Music and Dancing

So Mormons can dance but they can’t:

  • Have full body contact with their partners
  • Make moves that are suggestive or violent
  • Attend dances where the spirit of the lord can be present

Based on those guidelines, Mormons aren’t recommended to go any regular dance out there since Mormons can’t control how people coming to the dance will be dressed, the lyrics of the songs, the way people dance or the lighting.

Not your Definition of Dancing

I think that the instructions given in the “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet are pretty clear.

You can figure out what dances Mormons can attend to and the ones they can’t if they truly believe in what Mormon prophets have to say.

The site Mormon Rules says the following about dancing:

In fact, the Mormon Church frequently sponsors dances for young men and women, ages 14-18.  These dances are open to all youth–you don’t need to be Mormon–though certain standards are upheld.  For example, modest clothing is required in order to attend.  If you would like to attend a Mormon dance, ask one of your Mormon friends when the next one is in your area!


So yes, Mormons can dance but when outsiders wonder if Mormons are allowed to dance. They don’t mean the dances the dance described in the “For the Strength of You” and the Mormon Rules website have in mind.

What Mormons Have to Say about Dancing

These are a few comments made by Mormons about what dancing means to them.

These are three comments made by Mormons on Quora.

Yes, and our scriptures strongly encourage it.

Gordon Barnes

We try to be modest in our dancing and do not recommend our teens or unmarried members press their bodies against each other while dancing

William Staub

The church actually sponsors youth dances. The events are chaperoned by adults, with youth attendance, entirely voluntary, allowable at 14. The music is mostly current pop, though reviewed to ensure that it is appropriate for a church- related function.

Kevin Henderson

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