What Happens When you Leave the Mormon Church?

This is a very interesting question because I left Mormonism after being active for 12 years. and became an Atheist

I joined the church when I was 16 years, I can say that I fell in love with Mormonism.

The local church where I started was a small branch so I started home teaching and helping the missionaries when they visited investigators right away.

I studied a lot of things about Mormonism, mostly from Books since I didn’t have Internet or a computer back then.

At 19, I was called to serve a mission, I spent two years of my life. Mostly good memories come to my mind from that missionary service.

I learned a lot of things, at that moment, I was sure that God existed and that he was pleased with Mormonism and with our efforts as missionaries.

When I came back from Guatemala, I kept going to church and since that community where I started was still an small branch, I had to contribute a lot to make things work.

I was sealed to my wife in the temple and a few years later, I was called to serve as Branch President.

I was released of my calling as a Branch President and then I was called to serve as the Sunday School President.

One Sunday I was supervising a class and I read a post that a missionary from my time in Guatemala shared.

Thanks Goodness I knew English. The article was about Hans Mattson and his doubts about the Church.

This is the link of the article that changed my life:

Some Mormons Search the Web and Find Doubt

I watched the interview and I had a lot of questions therefore I took that Sunday afternoon to learn more about this former leader’s doubts.

That Sunday afternoon was the beginning of the end for my Mormonism.

I battled with a lot of questions and three years later, I decided to stop going to Church and I declared myself an atheist.

It has been almost four years since I left the Church.

Thanks to Quit Mormon, I got my records deleted from the Church so I am not a Mormon anymore.

What Happens When you Leave the Mormon Church?

When I left Mormonism after a constant battle between faith and reason, I felt a lot of peace.

I reasoned my way out of Mormonism so I felt really good about leaving all those beliefs behind.

I know Mormonism kinda worked for me in its moment but now it doesn’t, at least for me.

When I left Mormonism, I also abandoned the belief in a God and everything that a belied in God implies.

I think that most people who reasoned their way out of the church turn into atheism because you apply skepticism to everything.

Mormonism is not the only religion feeding pleasant lies to people who want to believe in something.

Thinking about Mormonism all the Time?

When I left Mormonism, I posted lots of stuff against the church hoping that such actions were ground for excommunication.

Nobody never ever called me despite being very outspoken in person and in social media.

When I knew that the leaders of the stake were not brave enough to excommunicate me, I decided to use Quit Mormon to get my records deleted from the Church.

After some time I forgot about Mormonism with the exceptions of some students asking me for my reasons for not believing in God.

Being a mormon, an ex-mormon or an atheist is not something that you see every day in Costa Rica

I started this blog because I love blogging. Not because I am obsessed with religion anymore.

Some Ex-Mormons Still Believe?

I know that there are ex-mormons who still believe in God, Jesus and probably the Bible

I have had the chance to talk to a few and I don’t really know how they do it.

I respect their new-found belief in God but I don’t really get how they make sense out of it.

If a belief in God was something I could make some sense out of, I would say that I still believe, but I can’t say that.

I am open to the any proof if there is ever one convincing enough to make me believe in God

Everything I see and think about tells me that there is no God so I act as if there isn’t one.

Not Leaving the Church Alone?

I dedicated two years of my life in Guatemala working every day to grow the membership of the church whenever I was assigned to in that country.

I spent countless hours helping people locally to be more like Jesus.

Now that I am out of Mormonism, the answer for the criticism that I am not leaving the church alone is that I do whatever I want with my time.

No member of the church is gonna tell me what to do with the rest of my life.

I am not bitter about Mormonism, I’m just writing about it . It is up to them to believe it or not.

What about the Lifestyle you Had?

I have come to think that if you are a nice guy, you are a nice guy in or out of the church.

Unless you were pretending to be someone you are not, there isn’t much to change.

I became less judgemental when I left Mormonism.

We only have one life so let’s give each other a break, we all make mistakes.

So if you are wondering about what happens when you leave Mormonism, be ready, lots of good things can happen to you.

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I am Jose Manuel, I am an Ex-Mormon and now I am atheist. I like to write about religions topics because it is an interesting topic and because some people might want to learn more about irreligious thoughts


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