Mormon Sunday Rules You Need to Know

Today we are going to learn more about the Mormon Sunday Rules.

As most Christians, Mormons believe in keeping the Sabbath day holy so they hold their services on Sunday.

Their services used to last three hours, usually from 9 to 12 but they were reduced one hour so now these last two hours.

Church services are usually held at 9: 00 AM regardless of where the congregation is located.

Being a Mormon implies doing more than attending church for two hours.

Mormons have rules that help them remember God throughout all Sunday.

10 Mormon Sunday Rules

These are 10 Sunday rules that every good mormon should follow

Let’s begin with the things that you are supposed to do on Saturday since it is the day that good mormons use to get ready for what comes next day.

  • Clean the house on Saturday so they
  • Prepare clothing for Sunday services
  • Prepare on meal on Saturday
  • Get a good rest on Saturday night.
  • Don’t overwork on Saturday
  • Don’t stay up late

These are some things that mormons do on Sunday

  • Don’t read material that does not contribute to your spiritual uplift.
  • Don’t shop on Sundays
  • Don’t do sports
  • Don’t go hunting
  • Don’t take trips to canyons or resorts
  • Don’t do gardening
  • Don’t do jobs around the house
  • Don’t go to supermarket and grocery store

Why Don’t Mormons buy on Sundays?

One of the most relevant things that mormons don’t do on Sunday is buying so you wouldn’t see in Supermarkets, restaurants and grocery stores on that day.

Earl C. Tingey, a mormon leader said this about shopping on Sunday:

A very important aspect of properly observing the Sabbath concerns shopping on Sunday. Unfortunately, many commercial businesses and establishments are open on Sunday. The world sees no conflict in Sunday shopping. But we of the Church have been counseled and taught by prophets to keep ourselves “unspotted from the world.” We should not shop on Sunday.

Brothers and Sisters, let’s not shop on Sunday. One way we avoid this is by planning ahead. Fill up the gas tank on Saturday. Acquire the needed groceries for the weekend on Saturday. Don’t you be the means of causing someone to work on Sunday because you patronize their establishment.

The Sabbath Day and Sunday Shopping – Earl C. Tingey of the First Quorum of the Seventy

The basic principle for telling their member not to shop on Sunday is because people who wok on those establishments have to work on Sunday and won’t be able to go to church.


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