Where are the Golden Plates Now?

Here we go again!

If you ever have the opportunity to talk to the missionaries, they probably told you that the a man named Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus in a grove near his home.

Years later Joseph Smith was praying at home and a messenger named Moroni appeared and told him that he was going to move forward the work of the Lord on Earth by translating an ancient record.

That record narrated the story of how ancient Americans dealt with God and Jesus 600 years before Christ and 400 years after.

We are talking about a 1000 years of Ancient American History that no man on Earth knew nothing about.

The records were buried in a hill near his house. (How convenient)

One night Joseph went there and saw them and eventually he took them with him and he started translating them

Once he finished the translation process, he allegedly showed these to eleven people and the Angel took them with him.

So there is your answer, the plates are no where to be found.


If you have an skeptical mind like mine, you probably already reached the conclusion that those plates never existed.

If you are a Mormon, your answer might be that you are supposed to live by faith so nobody can exercise true faith if there is tangible evidence to support a claim.

If you are these kind of people who like to trash Mormonism on this particular matter, don’t be a hypocrite, most religions and belief rest upon a bunch of stories we can’t confirm.

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I am Brother Campos. I was a missionary for the Mormon Church in Guatemala. At the age of 30, I left Mormonism and openly declared myself an atheist.

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