100 Questions to Ask Mormons

I was a mormon so I can give you a pretty good idea about what questions to ask Mormons.

Asking questions to Mormons is quite easy because they have well-documented beliefs.

If you have to ask questions to Mormons or Mormon missionaries, please be polite, most of them are really nice people.

Don’t try to embarrass them or anything like that specially if you are a believer since somebody can do the exact same thing to you.

Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

These are some questions about Joseph Smith

  • Did Joseph Smith practice polygamy?
  • Did Joseph Smith marry other women without having Emma’s consent?
  • Did Joseph Smith marry married women?
  • Did Joseph Smith the Partridge Sisters?
  • Why did Oliver Cowdery accused Joseph Smith of adultery?

The Book of Mormon Translation

These are some questions about the Book of Mormon

  • Where did Joseph Smith find his seer stone?
  • Did Joseph Smith use a seer stone to translate the book of mormon?
  • Placing a seer stone into a hat and pressing his face into it was the method Joseph Smith used to translate the Book of Mormon?
  • Can we call the process of placing a stone in a hat and press your face into it a translation?

Book of Mormon Stories

These are some questions about Book of Mormon Stories

  • Why are horses mentioned in the Book of Mormon if horses were introduced to the Americas until the colonization?
  • Why Church apologists say that the horses mentioned in the Book of Mormon were tapirs?
  • Is there evidence accepted by non-mormon archaeologists which can back up that the events narrated in the Book of Mormon are true?
  • Where did the events of the Book of Mormon take place?
  • Why do some people say that some event took place in America while other say Mesoamerica?
  • Why doesn’t the Church have an official position about where the events took place?
  • Why does the Book of Mormon contain extensive, word-for-word quotes from the Bible if the Bible was translated by from the original source and the Book of Mormon came from God?
  • Why do the Bible verses quoted in the Book of Mormon contain the italicized words from the King James Version that were added into the KJV text by the translators in the 16th and 17th centuries? 
  • Is there any DNA evidence that proves that the ancestor of the American were ancient Jews?
  • Were there elephants in the Americans when the stories narrated in the Book of Mormon allegedly took place?

The Word of Wisdom

The word of Wisdom is a code of health that prohibits drinking coffee, tea, alcohol and using drugs

  • Why do mormons abstain from drinking coffee?
  • What’s wrong with coffee if you are allowed to consume caffeine?
  • What do you think about studies that coffee consumption can be good for your health?
  • When was the Word of Wisdom fully implemented without exception?

Our Heavenly Father and Jesus and Us

These are some questions about God, Jesus and others

  • Does God have a body?
  • Are we children of God and a heavenly mother?
  • Does God have a wife? Does God have more than one Wife?
  • How did God get a wife?
  • Is it true that God once was a human in an Earth like this?
  • Could one God and a heavenly mother create billions and billions of spirit children? How?
  • Are there other humans in other planets?

The Devil

These are some questions about the Devil. The Mormons have a story to tell you where the devil came from.

  • Is Jesus our brother? Is Satan our brother too?
  • Can mormon cast out demons out of people?
  • What are the limitations of evil spirits?
  • What do evil spirits do besides whispering rebellion to God’s commandments?

The Mormon Church

These are some questions about the Mormon Church

  • Is the LDS the only true church?
  • Did God and Jesus tell Joseph Smith that the churches from that time were an abomination?

The Temple

These are some good questions about the Mormon Temples:

  • Why do Mormons baptize themselves on behalf of the dead?
  • Are the new names given in the temple assigned according to a pre-made list?


These are some questions about how the church manages and invest its money?

  • Why doesn’t the church make its financial records public?
  • Does the LDS church need any more money?
  • What’s the percentage of money that the Church spent on welfare?

Mormon Prophets

These are some questions about the Mormon Prophets

  • Do Mormon prophets receive revelations?
  • What was the last revelation that the current Mormon prophet received?
  • Do Mormon Prophets reveal new doctrines?
  • What’s the difference between what Mormon Prophets speak about in General conference and what you hear from your local leaders?
  • Can Mormon Prophets predict future events?
  • Can Mormon Prophets perform miracles?

Being Fair to Mormons

I would like to be fair to Mormons and tell you some things you should consider:

  • They believe that God was once a man, he was tested and he became a God, our God. I know that such statement raises a lot of questions but is the idea that God came out of nothing any better?

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Manuel Campos, English Professor

Brother Campos

I am Jose Manuel, I am an Ex-Mormon and now I am atheist. I like to write about religions topics because it is an interesting topic and because some people might want to learn more about irreligious thoughts


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