5 Questions to Ask an Atheist

Since I am an atheist, I decided to search for some questions on the Internet that an atheist would probably have a hard time answering.

These are some of the most common questions to ask an atheist

I hope you find them interesting

What Would Make me Believe in God?

I was born catholic and when I was 16, I joined Mormonism, I served a mission in Guatemala back in 2004 and then I decided to live without God when I was around 29.

If you ask me what sort of evidence would make me believe in God, I would have to ask specifically what you mean by that.

In my opinion, there are different Gods.

If you are a Mormon, I can tell you that seeing the golden plates would make me reconsider my opinions about mormonism.

If you are a Catholic, seeing the Virgin Mary descending from Heaven would make think about catholicism being true.

If you are these new believers who believe in God and Jesus without believing in religion or the bible, I would have to learn more from your beliefs before telling what compelling evidence would convince me.

Now a tricky question for believers of all faiths:

  1. What would make you question the existence of God?
  2. What would convince you that Mormonism is true?
  3. What would convince you that catholicism is true?

The Meaning of Life for an Atheist

Another good question for an Atheist is where their lives find meaning.

My answer to that question is that life is meaningless and what I mean by that is:

I am a highschool and a university professor, I get a job in a new high school and I wonder who the student who graduated last year were.

I know nothing about and it is like they never existed, the same thing happens with new students, they don’t know who those teacher who quit, got fired or change high schools were.

And that’s pretty much life, once you die, what will people say?, Will people remember you?

I bet the people who loved you will but when the last person who knew you dies, you won’t be in anybody’s’ thoughts.

So Life is short, most of the stuff you do now won’t matter

I do why I want in my life, Church won’t tell me how to live the only life I have.

Atheism is just a Religion

That’s a funny question to me, how can religious people accuse atheism of being another religion?

So the argument is that atheism are starting to act as religious people have acted in the last thousands years?

We are just living our lives, let us know if God ever does something tangible for humanity and atheist will ask you for guidance, I am sure.

Atheists Hate God

Atheist can hate a God who they have never seen or met, we don’t have faith.

I know that believers can have positive feelings for beings they have never seen and that they will never see in the lives.

If I wanted to entertain that idea, I would tell believers that I really don’t know which God I hate the most.

‘What if You’re Wrong?’

Let’s say that the Muslims were the ones who got it completely right.

If that was the case:

  • What would happen to catholics?
  • What would happen to all Christians?
  • Would Christians and Atheists have the same faith since both didn’t believe in the right religion and the right God?

I think that all believers need to know the answer to that questions and then we can copy and paste your answer and since some believers claim that Atheism is another religion, your excuses might be good as ours.

There are more 3000 thousand religions, there are plenty of opportunities to be wrong.

My last question is Do you really want to live like that?

Science Stuff

Sometimes people have questions about science or they question science which has a conflict with the faith.

My honest answer is that those are questions that science has already cleared.

If you believe that you are smart enough to destroy scientific theories, go ahead and do it.

I am sure that you will become famous and will have overnight success.

Old Earth or Young Earth? Believers of all religions can’t agree on something so basic as the age of the Earth and now they are pretending that they have figured out something that Science hasn’t.

Manuel Campos, English Professor

Brother Campos

I am Jose Manuel, I am an Ex-Mormon and now I am atheist. I like to write about religions topics because it is an interesting topic and because some people might want to learn more about irreligious thoughts


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