25 Questions about the Bible

I know that atheists have a lot of questions about the bible, pretty good questions that are hard to answer unless you use the faith card.

Believers tend to have have questions about the bible but those questions lean toward the interpretation that different christian make out of some passages.

As you already know, I am an atheist writing about religion so my questions about the Bible are heavily skeptical but far more interesting than the ones Christians might have.

The problem with believer questions about the Bible is that these are made within the context of faith so those discussion are basically trying to make a version of Christianity above the other.

Time for questions

Questions about the Bible

These are my questions about the bible. I hope you like them.

Scientific Journals and Bible Questions

These are some questions about Scientific Journals and Bible questions

  1. What academic disciplines recognize what events of the bible as historical?
  2. What science-related journals recognize some of the events of the Bible as scientific?

Bible Questions about Age of the Earth

These are some Bible questions about the Age of the Earth

  1. Do you believe in a young Earth or an Old Earth?
  2. What’s the age of the Earth?
  3. Why do some Christians believe in a young Earth and other believe in an old Earth?
  4. How long ago did the events of the Genesis take place?
  5. Can you talk about the age of the Earth and how Dinosaurs fit in that timeline?
  6. How long ago did the events of the Bible take place?

Bible Questions about Genesis

These are some Bible questions about the Book Genesis

  1. Where does God come From?
  2. Was Adam created from the dust?
  3. Was Eve created from a Rib?
  4. How was the Snake able to talk and convince a human?
  5. Were Dinosaurs created as part of the creation or some time later?
  6. Are the events describe in the Genesis historical?
  7. When did the events of the Genesis take place?
  8. How did the fruit that Adam and Eve work? In what other context a fruit can make you more or less smarter by eating?

Bible Questions about Moses

These are some Bible questions about the events described in the five books of Moses

  1. Who wrote the events and teachings found in the five books of Moses?
  2. Is there any evidence that support the main events described in the Exodus?
  3. How did Moses die?
  4. Is there any record in Egyptian history about the events described in the Exodus?
  5. What does Egyptology have to say about the events described in the Exodus?

Bible Questions about the Historicity of Jesus

These are some good questions about the historicity of Jesus

  1. Did Jesus really exist?
  2. Do some scholars questions the existence of Jesus?
  3. Do scholars think that the stories about Jesus in the Bible are Historical?

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Manuel Campos, English Professor

Brother Campos

I am Jose Manuel, I am an Ex-Mormon and now I am atheist. I like to write about religions topics because it is an interesting topic and because some people might want to learn more about irreligious thoughts


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