Are Mormons Given a New Name in the Temple?

Yes, Mormons are given a new name in the temple when they are part of a temple ordinance called the Endowment.

These are the details.

When you are a Mormon, you participate in ceremonies and ordinances, you get baptized, then you are confirmed as a member of the Church.

If you are a man, you receive the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood which are basically the authority to serve in church positions and administer church ordinances.

Then if you are faithful, you receive the endowment.

If you want to know what the Endowment means to Mormons, you can watch what an official LDS Channel explaining what it means

Mormons receive knowledge, they start using temple garments which some people call Mormon Magic underwear.

During that ceremony, Mormons are given a new name, the new name is given to men and women by a temple worker.

The endowment ceremony is not something that it is open to the public so people who haven’t participated in it don’t know what the ceremony is really like.

There is a man, Mike Norton, who was a Mormon and who doesn’t believe in the Church who infiltrates temples and record the ceremony.

This video contains the exact moment when he received the new name in favor of another person who is dead (Yes, Mormons perform ordinance on behalf of the dead)

The names given in the temple are based on the scriptures so don’t expect the name to be something like Connor, Anderson, Patrick etc.

Can the New Name be Revealed?

If you are a man, you can share this new name with anybody in the world so you gotta keep it secret.

If you are women, you have to reveal your new temple name to your husband when you are getting married in the mormon way which also takes places inside the temple.

Wives reveal their names to their husbands but husbands don’t reveal their names to the wives.

Outside the temple, Temple names discussions are not held by member of the church.

How are Temple New Names Selected?

As a Mormon, I thought that temple names were the names we had when we lived in the presence of God before being born.

So I expected this guys to give random names which is not that smart since you still wonder about the process and how they figure that out.

Well, the process kinda suck because everyone who receives the new temple name on the same day get the same name.

So if a bunch of mormons go to the temple to receive the endowment ordinance, they will get the same name.

I don’t know what you think about that but that sounds like a low-budget religious tale.

There is a website called Fuller Consideration which has the names given in certain period of time

Check the Temple Name Oracle here: Fuller Consideration

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