Mormonism: Seer Stones are Awesome?

I think it is time to read what an atheist have to say about seer stones.

I am not gonna blame you if you don’t know what a seer stone within the Mormonism context are.

Joseph Smith was a young man who allegedly was confused about what church to join so he went to grove and ask God what the true church.

When he was praying, God and Jesus came down from heaven and told Joseph Smith that all churches were an abomination.

That supposedly happened in 1820.

Three years later, An angel came down from Heaven and appeared to Joseph Smith.

The angel in a subsequent visit showed Joseph Smith where an ancient record was hidden.

Eventually Joseph Smith would get those records and translate them from some ancient language to English

The process of “translation” was carried out by placing a seer stone inside a hat and then dictating whatever came to his mind or saw inside of a hat.

Seer Stones are Awesome?

The seer stones are awesome is a dumb video created by Fair Mormon to attack Jeremy Runnels, the creator of the document called the CES Letters.

The CES Letter is a document that summarizes the most difficult problems and questions that you should ask faithful mormons.

That document has led to people out of the church and that’s why mormon apologist are pissed.

This is the video:

The video is made to piss ex-mormons and anti-mormons off.

I was a Mormon and I use to believe all the crazy stuff that mormon teach about the restoration. I used to believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he had interactions with angelical beings.

I guess I wasn’t that bright when I was 16 or maybe I was immersed in this idea that these magical things could happen.

So yes, believing that a white Indian named Moroni came down from heaven to give instructions to one boy is pretty dumb, just as dumb as believing that a stone inside a hat could help in the process of translation.

That dumb is kept somewhere and it is pretty useless. Modern prophets can’t do anything with it.

Then those Mormons actors called Jeremy Runnels, a manipulator and a members of a subreddit a bunch of flying monkeys.

Then they read a quote from Richard Bushman, a mormon scholar that states that the process of the translation is irrelevant. I would say it is not irrelevant, the process of translation bring shame to mormons. Go to all testimony meetings that you can and wait for an stranger to stand in the pulpit and say that he or she believes that Joseph Smith translate the book of Mormon with a seer stone placed inside a hat.

The funny thing about these two is claiming that if you believe in God and Jesus, you have to believe in all the made up and twisted stuff Joseph Smith taught.

These two dudes are taking advantage of the faith, which is believing stuff just because and without any proof.

I am an atheist but I can see how believers can keep a belief in God and Jesus without believing all the stuff that Joe said.

Then the two dudes claim that every time they talk the translation of the book of Mormon, they mention the words Urimm and Thummim and that the church has spoken about it numerous time.

I would love to ask those guys, numerous times or every time missionaries talked about that story made up by Joseph?

Another pathetic excuse is that they don’t have enough time to talk about the rock because they have to spend more time talking about Jesus.

The two dudes continue talking about how God revealed stuff to Joseph through the stone inside the hat and compared that to the use of a smartphone. Brilliant? How the heck didn’t that occur to me before?

Then these two dudes continue apologizing for Joseph Smith having the plates and not using them and how Joseph Smith fought for them because people want to take them from him.

That was Joseph Smith got for lying about having a bunch of Gold that no stranger to that faith ever saw.

They end the video claiming if you are credulous enough to believe in one thing, you have to be credulous enough to believe whatever the Polygamous Joseph Smith said.

So that seer stone is awesome, if that seer stone could say something, it would appreciate being on the spotlight. The seer stone is a celebrity among stones.

Can the Mormon prophets do anything with it? Absolutely not.

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