10 Mormon Rules that will Surprise you

Being a faithful member of the Mormon Church requires a lot of devotion since they have many rules.

There are many mormon rules about a wide variety of Gospel topics so this list will keep growing and growing as they come to my mind.

Mormons aren’t allowed to Drink Coffee

Mormons have a code of health and one of the prohibitions in that code of health is coffee.

Mormons don’t know the logical reasons to abstain from coffee since they are allowed to consume caffeine.

Mormons can drink sodas but they are not allowed to have a decaf coffee.

Mormons aren’t Allowed to Drink Tea

The code of health that Mormons follow also prohibits having a cup of tea.

I am not entirely sure about iced tea since a lot of members from the LDS church drink it

Mormons Have to Pay Tithing

If you are a Mormon and you want to be counted among the faithful servants of the faithful, you have to donate the 10% of everything you earn to the church.

Paying tithing will open the doors of serving of the ordinances of the gospel.

Mormons Have to Serve Full-Time Missions

Nobody can force you to do it but the church expects that as soon as young men are 18, they serve a full-time mission.

The missionary program consist in serving 24 months as a Mormon missionary anywhere in the world.

Mormon missionaries have a different set of rules to keep during the service such as not dating, being with their missionary companion all the time and so much more.

Mormons aren’t Allowed to Drink Alcohol

Another mormon rule is that they can’t drink Alcohol, not even a tiny bit.

That prohibition is part of the prohibitions found in the code of health of mormonism.

Mormons have to Marry Mormons

Mormons are not to point a gun at you and force you to get married but it is a fact that have to get married and marry a mormon.


Because Mormons believe in the after life. Being more specific, Mormons believe that that there is a place called the celestial kingdom.

That kingdom is divided in three sub-kingdoms and if you want to make it to the top, you have to be faithful and marry for time and eternity inside one of the Mormon temples.

Mormons call what I just described as exaltation which means living with God.

Mormons have to do Genealogy

Mormons have to do a lot of work for the living an for the dead.

This is gonna sound a bit strange but Mormons have to performs ordinance on behalf of dead people.

They get baptized and they even get married on behalf of the dead.

Mormons believe that once people die, they go to the spirit world so they have to do this rites and ceremonies on their behalf because these people now dead and living in the world didn’t have the chance to accept the Gospel on Earth.

Since they don’t know anything about the Spirit world, they have to do these rites and ceremonies on behalf of every person who ever lived on earth and that how genealogy fits in the mormon blueprint of the after life.

Mormons Have to Wear Magic Underwear

Sorry for calling the underwear that Mormons have to wear 24 /7 magic underwear but that’s how people outside of mormonism tend to view it.

Only mormons who have received the temple ordinances of the Endowment have to wear the temple garment

Search Mormon Magic Underwear on Google and you will understand what I am talking about.

The mormon underwear is not magical but some members of the church have said that it has protected durinn accidents.

Mormons Have to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

Mormons believe that the Sunday is the day of the Lord so they do things like going to church, partaking the sacrament and enjoy the company of their fellow members of the Church however the Sabbath Day requires that you don’t participate in worldly activities such as doing sports and going to concerts.

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