What’s the Mormon Magic Underwear?

If you have been paying attention to the critics of mormonism, you probably have heard about the Mormon magic underwear.

I am going to tell you what the mormon magic underwear is and I will try to be as a concise as I possibly can.

Let’s start.

Mormons believe in rites and ceremonies, they need these so they can make it to heaven.

Some of those ordinances are baptism and the confirmation. These two ordinances are carried out in local churches.

Everyone can attend to a mormon church regardless of their faith and how worthy they are according to Mormon standards.

The mormon also have sacred places that they call temples, only faithful mormons are allowed in them.

In the temples mormons perform ordinances for themselves and for the dead.

The ordinances that they do for themselves in the temple are the endowment and the sealing which is some sort of wedding.

In the Endowment mormons are given the garments of the holy priesthood so they stop wearing the normal underwear and start using the “Mormon magic underwear” from that day on.

What Members wear the Mormon Magic Underwear?

Mormons who are called to serve missions wear garments since they have to participate in that ordinance some time before they start their 24-month missions.

Mormons who are married in the temple participate in the endowment ceremony before being able to be married there.

If you hear a mormon saying that they have an eternal family, the parents definitely wear garments.

If you are a Mormon and you are not going to serve a mission or get married in the temple, you won’t be participating in the endowment ceremony anytime soon.

Why do Outsiders Call it Mormon Magic Underwear?

People call it Mormon magic underwear because the garment has some signs in it.

The signs in their mormon underwear are a reminder of the covenants that they have made in the temple.

Besides the signs and the secret meaning they have, some prominents mormons have indicated that there have been instances in which they have suffered accidents and that these protected from physical harm.

How Does Mormon Underwear Look Like?

The thinking atheist is a podcast that I used to listen when I was in the process of leaving mormonism behin.

Their Youtube channel has this video which explains some of the thing that I have already covered.

The video shows the garments that males and females use.

Do Mormons Call it Magic Underwear?

Mormons call them garments and they find offensive if you call it magic underwear.

They don’t even talk about them outside the temple even if you are a mormon so I am sure that a faithful member of the mormon church won’t discuss the meaning of them with members of other faiths and unbelievers.

An Insider View to Mormon Underwear

I was a mormon for more than 15 years and I wore the garments or mormon underwear for 12 years.

I got my mormon underwear when I was 19 prior to starting my mormon mission.

Since a true believing mormon, I felt really good about wearing them since you don’t get those unless you do something big for the church or for the welfare of your soul.

I didn’t have any issues with them but I had to wear medium-sized t-shirts and shirts so I could wear the top part of the garment without much problem.

Once I stopped believing in Mormonism, i stopped wearing them.

Men don’t make much of a sacrifice in their clothing style but women do.

Despite garments being modified to look a bit better, if you watched the previous video, we can say that these are not the most attractive piece of clothing that a mormon would everwear.

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