Do Mormon Bishops get Paid?

I was a mormon during 12 years of my life and I was pretty active in it.

I was a Mormon missionary in Guatemala, when I came back from my mission. I was called to serve in a few callings before being a Branch President.

A Branch president preside over small church communities and Bishops preside over bigger church communities

If you are a Branch President or Bishop, you won’t get paid a dollar for your services, those are responsibilities that you happily take because you love the church.

I am not affiliated with Mormonism anymore but that is one of the thing I like from that church.

In other churches you see how leaders make profit from having large numbers and they retain the leadership no matter what.

In the Mormon Church, you can be the Bishop or Branch President today and the next you can be released and take another assignment.

What Happens to Tithing Money?

Now that you know that Mormon Bishops and Branch President don’t get paid, you might be wondering what they do with the money they collect.

Well, the plain and simple truth is that we don’t know what they do with the money.

The LDS church pays for lots of thing at the local level like handbooks, building maintenance, equipment and all sort of things that you will find a church however the church doesn’t make his financial records public so nobody can tell with a degree of certainty how every dollar is spent.

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