Fanny Alger: Joseph’s Smith Plural Wife

If you don’t know much about Mormonism, at least you should know that Joseph Smith was the founder of it.

Joseph Smith established the LDS church on 1830 and he introduced many doctrines which might seem a little strange to the average christian.

One of those doctrines or practices was polygamy, so a man was allowed to marry more than one woman.

Joseph Smith practice polygamy, very smart guy, he convinced his wife to allow him marry and have sex with other females.

Do I sound a little biased?

The first plural wife that Joseph Smith had was a young lady named Fanny Alger.

Fanny lived with the Smiths so it was easy for Joseph to make his move.

Former LDS apostle William E. McLellin wrote to Joseph Smith’s son, Joseph Smith III, that:

“[Emma] went to the barn and saw him and Fanny in the barn together alone. She looked through a crack and saw the transaction!!  . . . [Emma] discovered that Joseph had been celestializing with this maiden, Fanny, who acknowledged the truth, but Joseph denied it in toto and stigmatized the statement of the girl as a base fabrication. Emma, of course, believed the girl, as she was very well aware that no confidence could be placed in her husband, and she became terrible worked up about it. She was like a mad woman, and acted so violently that Oliver Cowdery and some of the elders were called in to minister to her and ‘cast the devil out of sister Emma.”

Eventually Fanny left the house of the Smith and married Solomon Custer in 1836

Do Mormons Believe in Joseph Smith after knowing all of this?

If you are wondering what Mormons think about an alleged servant of the lord marrying more than one woman.

The truth is that lots of people ignore it and people who know about polygamy don’t know the details.

Other reasonable people think that this was the plan of the Lord so Joseph Smith was had to obey the commands of the Lord.

They justify Joseph Smith action and will never question the calling of the prophet over him marrying more than 30 women.

Manuel Campos, English Professor

Brother Campos

I am Jose Manuel, I am an Ex-Mormon and now I am atheist. I like to write about religions topics because it is an interesting topic and because some people might want to learn more about irreligious thoughts

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