Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

People have all of sort of questions about atheists and one of theme is if atheists celebrate Christmas.

Atheist celebrate Christmas but they celebrate that special time of the year for different reasons which are not linked to any religious belief

A small part of the atheist community have spoken against Atheist celebrating Christmas but that criticism has been dismissed by some of the most influentials atheist.

Matt Dillahunty on Christmas

Matt Dillahunty, a famous atheist speak about it in his Youtube Channel

Matt Dillahunty says that you should celebrate whatever you want for whatever reason you want.

He says that everything we know about Christmas and its origins has nothing to do with christianity

Matt insists that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th at all.

He also explains something that we have probably have seen in our lives. There are people who celebrate Christmas in a religious and there are some people including believers and non believers in a secular way.

Matt also explains that it is easy for Atheist to celebrate Christmas by simply ignoring the religious part of it that some christmas ignore too.

Richard Dawkins Foundation

The Richard Dawkins Foundation has publication in their sites that deals with this matter.

Christmas belongs to anyone who wants it, and just because I gave up believing in a god doesn’t mean I gave up believing in the love and joy of family. I did not give up the joy of celebration with my abandonment of the absurd. So to my religious and non-religious friends, I wish them all a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah from the heart and I hope they take it with the true spirit with which I give it – that of the spirit of humanity – something we can all celebrate.

A Very Atheist Christmas

Great Comebacks

These are some of the best comebacks that I have read when believers start questioning atheist for celebrating christmas

  • If some people think they have an exclusive or a monopoly on this, that is their delusion – and probably their ignorance of history too!
  • I also don’t believe in ghosts and witches, but get a kick out of Halloween; that I don’t believe in Cupid, yet appreciate Valentine Day; that I don’t believe in the Easter Bunny, but have fun with treasure hunts for chocolate eggs.
  • Interesting how questions that should apply to rival religions are aimed at atheists these days.
  • I don’t believe cats and mice can talk, yet I still laughed watching Tom & Jerry. I would have thought that is a simple logic.

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